systemic constellation 

Systemic Organisational Constellations (or Business Constellations) is a human based, intuitive method.

Within the setting of a human, lived experience, the issues are surveyed and understood. The best solutions and prime opportunities are co-created and developed as they appear. The solutions and strategies are integrated in a very clear, graspable and personalised way.  

Leafstem’s organisational constellations are adaptable to each specific situation.

The basic setting formats are or as team-sessions (workshop with minimum 5 people) or as an interview-session (1 to 4 people with figurines).

Highly appreciated for its time and money efficiency and for its effective results, Business Constellation have grown from a valuable insider tip to edge cutting art for consultancy, implementation and empowerment in management, politics, finances and marketing.

systemic counselling

Our Systemic Consultancy is interwoven with our Constellation method. Both complement each other to offer greater results and to perform the best implementations.

Our Consultant provides integration and assists you during practical transformational steps, structural implementation, functional reorganisation, management,  strategy and human issues.

Economical, ecological, cultural, social and  human aspects are in the centre of our systemic consulting. We believe that implementing the ethical quality and the positive impact of a company is the essence of its success.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company

Sir Richard Branson

Systemic constellations are a most effective method for finding out what is really going on in a company.” Financial Times

Implement your Vision, gain Clarity and design Solutions.

Leafstem is helping international Companies, SMEs, Organisations and Individuals to embrace their full potential. Our Organisational Constellations and Systemic Consultancy are flexible and rapid methods, adaptable to nearly every specific situation. We will help you to put the finger on the unseen issues.

Together we co-create your healthy growth.

Our systemic approach allows us to work in depth on a large number of human, organisational, structural and strategic questions. Within complex situations, significant underlines and hidden dynamics are clarified, analysed, surveyed and understood. In a team experience we develop management and marketing strategies, effective solutions and team cohesion.

Very quickly we outlay prime opportunities and envisage reliable future projections.

You and your team live the experience of a positive results.

Redefine the meaning of success.

Often good leadership, determination and coaching are not enough to break systemic patterns. Even out-of-the-box-thinking isn't enough. The effective solution appears only when the systemic dynamics are understood and overcome.

Leafstem's systemic method brings the hidden dynamics to the light and resolves the unseen issues.

Success is mostly defined by criterions like MORE and BETTER, and so, pushed by profit optimisation. The systemic method shows that the requirements for success lie in a healthy, balanced organisation, in the alignment of a system and in positive, uplifting interactions. 

Leafstem assists you while making the step.

systemic counselling & organisational constellations 

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